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Decided to test 15w-40 7000 blend for cold wx pumpability and to see about eliminating the wrist pin play on start up. At 18 F on a very tight tolerance engine with a realtively thick oil the slap has been elimminated with NO degradation in oil flow or pressure. Remember fellow oil geeks this engine was designed for a thinner vis oil.

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Dec 28, 2019 · If its that then it is probably the hydrolic lifters are worn, given your oil pressure is ok.(see below) If the noise is lower then probably the bearings are worn (big end or mains) or piston slap. Either way it will ultimately require a engine rebuild. You can try and put thicker oil in but that is really a short term solution.

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piston friction force, slap motion and oil consumption have been measured. As a result, it has been verified that the supply of a small amount of oil (6mL/min) to the piston skirt reduces about 50 % of the block vibration caused by the piston slap motion in idling operation, and about 20 % of the piston friction loss in full load operation.

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Oil pressure under the oil ring lower rail was measured by newly developed apparatus. It was found that the piston slap motion and piston up and down motion affected oil pressure rise under the oil ring and oil was spouted through ring-gap by the pressure. The effect of the piston design on the oil pressure generation was also investigated.

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Sep 19, 2009 · You could try thicker (higher viscosity) oil. It may help, or it may not, it depends on the design of the engine. If it is indeed piston slap, there's no cure other than mechanical repair. If the cylinders and pistons are that worn, then most likely the bearings are worn too.

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Consider a thicker oil ... I went from 0w30 oem mazda oil to 5w30 Molgen cuz my Mechanic suggested that to I would assume increased oil consumption with piston slap. 2012 Mazda 3 GX non Sky 2.0L MT5 (BL) Corksport Help us improve your recommendations by telling us what you would like to see.

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Apr 04, 2016 · 4WD Isuzu Jackaroo 3.1 200000km on WVO,(2020) 2 tank home built system 6 solenoids FPHE, heated filter fuel line and tank pickup for thicker oil. Mk. 9 version now and no changes planned as trouble free. Mercedes W201 190D 1986 model: 2 tank system, bigger fuel line from tank, no heat exchanger, electric pump for diesel 22000km so far

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First, most of the piston slap issues can be addressed by simply using 12345515 once every six months or six thousand miles. This will reduce carbon within the engine, and thus the slap noise. The added benefit is that you can also reduce engine detonation by the carbon deposits, so you obtain better power.

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You can use an endoscope through the spark plug hole and look at the cylinder walls. Excessive piston slap will scar the walls long before you have a loss of compression. As a former kia owner, I'm very familiar with piston slap issues. My last car sounded like a diesel by 70k miles, even when warned up.

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If piston slap is there hot then a thicker oil is unlikely to help much. In the old days piston slap used to be stopped by either shot blasting the inside of the skirt or using a machine that gently hammered the inside of the skirt to expand the skirt. The other option if available is an oversize reverse and new...

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During the regular oil change, the o-ring was damaged and so the oil leaked heavily during a moto. I asked a very good oldschool mechanic to whom i showed the piston, and he told me to reuse it. Too big can range from loss of compression to leaking oil or having piston slap and then really messing...
Is this piston slap? What causes piston slap? It doesn’t smoke or use oil. Sajeev answers: Thank you for your detailed explanation of the problem. This is probably not piston slap because it only happens when warm: A cold engine has wider engine tolerances (in the piston rings to the cylinder bore, to be exact) while warmer ones are tighter ...
Bob wrote: I had the supposed classic piston slap noise, and I changed the grade and type of oil and brand of filter, and the noise that I had every winter for the past 3 years went away completely. I used to run Castrol 10W-40 since new in my '92 Daytona 2.5L non-turbo, with Fram filters.
Jul 04, 2016 · BK, I actually have no idea what my knock is - its low end & its been there forever. I don’t think its piston slap as I have that in my GM 3.4L & its nothing like it, although I would be more likely to describe it as a slap rather than a knock so my guess is that it might have something to do with some piston slop at least.
Jan 22, 2004 · The noise that piston slap produces usually clears up as the engine heats up. The pistons expand and fit in the bores more snugly. Outcome: The results of piston slap usually lead to increased wear of the piston, cylinder wall, increased oil consumption, failure to pass exhaust emissions, and eventually Catastrophic engine failure.

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Or as you said, piston slap. As you try to detect the spot, if it's coming from the bottom end, it's probably a main bearing. If you ultimately have to tear down the top end, pull the timing cover off and check the seal at the end of the crank. Very important to oil pressure and engine life. Bare
The most-popularly used range spec for Piston Rings is Housing Bore Diameter or Seal O.D.. This spec's lowest value in the database is 0.50 inch. That value belongs to part number CS 100 from Hi-Tech Seals, Inc. This spec's highest value in the database is 12.00 inch. That value belongs to part ... Yes, a thicker oil would probably reduce the piston slap noise. It would also slow the startup lube to the bearings and especially to the cylinder head. I know you aren't talking about sub-zero temperatures, but a heavy oil can get stubborn even at 50°. Engines don't usually wear out by driving them, rather by starting them.